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In the L.L. Cool J era, it was crucial for teenagers to wear gold everything; teeth, earrings, shoes, belts. If you could think of it, we had to wear it in gold. Back in 1989, if you did not own a add-a-bead necklace, then you were poor as dirt and treated as such. Basically, an Add-A-Bead Necklace was a gold link chain with gold beads. Whenever your birthday came around, you’d get a small jewelry box and inside of it would be another bead to add to your chain. Now, I never knew the real name for these necklaces was Graduated Bead Formal Necklace. What I did know was that my mother was not about to buy me one. She did not believe in Keeping up with the Jones’. But, I was a teen who had a reputation to uphold. J.C. Penny was out of the question because back then…

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