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Dr.Kem Smith

Cultural Competency Educational Consultants LLC

Author. Speaker. Transformational Life Coach. Artist.

Creator of EGO TRIPPING: A Brown Girls Heal Club

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The best way to predict the future is to create it! 

I am the al-Kem-ist. By definition, an alchemist is someone who transforms things for the better. I've learned about alchemy as a first-generation college student, a first-generation educator, a first-generation author and advice columnist, and a first-generation doctorate. I’ve mastered the process of taking a humble beginning and reaching goals.



The Al-Kem-Ist

Practical Tips for Educators: How to navigate as educators


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  • Girl fights? Empower young Black females as they learn to become their...

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Kem, You are a treasure. I look up to you! Who wouldn't? You are a powerful bar-raiser, standard setter, trendsetter, and example of what it means to live a life on fire. I see you and so does Heaven. Love you!

A teacher's survival guide!

I will be honest with you. Being in and around education for the past 23 years has been challenging but worth every moment!  A pattern I’ve seen is teachers who fall into the profession without a mentor and a clear, distinct plan for survival. This book is a one-on-one conversation with action steps designed to improve the teaching experience and stop the flood of teacher quitters.

Readers will have valuable information

related to the following:

  • Balancing life and work

  • Planning career trajectories

  • Making a positive impact

  • Being a classroom leader

  • Focusing on self-care

  • Managing beginning teacher salaries

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