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Education And Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder

All of America is suffering from what I call, Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder. The sins of this, now illegal, institution, sunk deep into the hearts and minds of man. I attended the 2017 Presidental Inauguration and saw it in the faces of the attendees. We see race. Blacks and Whites are seeing each other and thinking thoughts that we probably should not, especially when watching local news. The American Education System is a place where the history of racism is played out daily. Take a moment to read this Teaching Tolerance timeline.

Remember back in the late 90’s and early 00’s when everyone was talking about the achievement gap? I certainly do. The results thundered through education professional development conversations for the next decade. Black children on a whole weren’t learning on pace with their white counterparts. It didn’t matter how well off or how poor the school or the…

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