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Top Four Lies Of A Middle School Girl And What Adults Can Do

“Teach middle school,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. Twelve years later, and I have experienced my share of heartache, love, and laughter with teenage girls. Middle school is the time when a girl transitions from braids with beads to body waves and pin curls. It’s also a time when she sees the world differently and tries to find her place within. These four lies came straight from a mature eighth grader and I asked her if I could share. The commentaries are my thoughts on how to help our girls navigate the murky tides of middle school.

1. I’m fine.

If their body language says, “I’m sad,” they are. If their body language says, “I’m tired,” they are. If their body language says, “I’m angry,” they are. Middle school girls hang their hats on these two words: “I’m fine.” It’s almost never true. At the first ping…

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